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March 2022 Call Activity

Type of CallNumber of Calls
Assist PWA within YRFPD 6
Auto Aid Medical0
General Medical21
Good Intent5
Illegal burning0
Move Up9
Pie chart of types of calls March 2022
Pie chart of residents vs visitors served
Assist PWA - YRFPD responds to medical calls in our fire district and helps PWA with patient on scene.
Auto Aid (Medical) - Auto aid for PWA to cover when our ambulance is not available as required by County.
Fire - Smoke in a Structure, Car Fire, House Fire, Beach Fire, Wildland Fire
General Medical - Overdose, Chest Pain, Difficulty Breathing, DOA, Stroke, Nausa, Vomiting, Sick
Good Intent - Legal Burning, Welfare Check, Lock Out, Smoke Detector Issue, Accidental Alarm
Illegal Burning - Burning in a closed season or without a permit.
Move Up - Our ambulance moves up to Waldport to cover PWA as required by County.
Other - Any call that does not fit into a different category.
Seasonal - Trees across the road, Blocked Culvert, Flooding in Residence, Sparking Transformer, Wire Down
Trauma - Car Crash, Fall, Cut, Fracture, Gun Shot, Domestic Violence