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About Us

Yachats Volunteer Fire Department began in 1925, and the District was formed in 1949 as the Yachats Rural Fire Protection District (YRFPD).

The District is a full-service fire and rescue agency located in and around the City of Yachats with both career and volunteer firefighters including the City of Yachats and the surrounding rural area. 

The District operates under Oregon Law as a Fire Protection District pursuant to Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 478 providing fire protection services including suppression and prevention activities, emergency medical services and ambulance services and specialized rescue and hazardous materials services. 

The District encompasses approximately 14.47 square miles, which includes a corridor along Highway 101. The District is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west and federal and private forest to the east. The southern border of the District is approximately ½ mile south of Yachats City Limit with the northern border common with the Central Oregon Coast Fire and Rescue District. The population of the District is approximately 2500 people with 706 people residing in the City of Yachats.

The District has a five-member Board of Directors that are elected by the residents of the geographic area known as YRFPD.  The Board has the responsibility to provide funding for the District and levy taxes to that end. The Board has a volunteer Fire Chief and paid District Administrator to manage the day-to-day operations of the District. The District currently operates with 6 full time Fire Fighter/Paramedics or Firefighter/EMTs.

The District has mutual aid agreements with Central Oregon Coast Fire and Rescue DistrictSeal Rock Rural Fire Protection DistrictPacific West Ambulance, and Western Lane Ambulance.