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February 2022 Call Activity

Type of CallNumber of Calls
Assist PWA within YRFPD 10
Auto Aid Medical1
General Medical30
Good Intent5
Illegal burning1
Move Up12
Pie Chart of Types of Calls February 2022
Pie chart for resident vs visitor served February 2022
Assist PWA - YRFPD responds to medical calls in our fire district and helps PWA with patient on scene.
Auto Aid (Medical) - Auto aid for PWA to cover when our ambulance is not available as required by County.
Fire - Smoke in a Structure, Car Fire, House Fire, Beach Fire, Wildland Fire
General Medical - Overdose, Chest Pain, Difficulty Breathing, DOA, Stroke, Nausa, Vomiting, Sick
Good Intent - Legal Burning, Welfare Check, Lock Out, Smoke Detector Issue, Accidental Alarm
Illegal Burning - Burning in a closed season or without a permit.
Move Up - Our ambulance moves up to Waldport to cover PWA as required by County.
Other - Any call that does not fit into a different category.
Seasonal - Trees across the road, Blocked Culvert, Flooding in Residence, Sparking Transformer, Wire Down
Trauma - Car Crash, Fall, Cut, Fracture, Gun Shot, Domestic Violence