Burning Original

Effective September 2012, there is no burning allowed within Yachats city limits except for a ceremonial or cooking fire. Yachats Rural Fire Protection District (YRFPD) is the issuing agent for a fire pit permit. You can call the station or come by to discuss the regulations.


“Open Burning” includes ANY burning conducted outdoors. A fire in a burn barrel is open burning, as is burning debris in an outdoor fireplace, a backyard incinerator, and piles of yard debris, stumps, or untreated unpainted lumber. YRFPD is required to report burning violations to DEQ.

YRFPD encourages you to find alternative methods to dispose of your yard debris and paper products through recycling.

YRFPD would also like to advise you that burn barrels are a very inefficient method of burning. Large amounts of carbon monoxide are released in burn barrel burning. If you feel you must use a barrel, it MUST have adequate ventilation in the bottom 1/3 of the barrel. Further it must be emptied often, and its residue properly disposed of.

IF YOU MUST BURN do so in a way that promotes efficient burning:

  • Burn only DRY materials (cover piles (pile size is 3 -4 wheelbarrow full) until ready to burn).
  • Loosely stack or windrow material to promote adequate air supply to the pile.
  • Remove noncombustible materials such as dirt or rocks from your pile.
  • Constantly attend and have a water source (hose preferred) and a rake/shovel/pitchfork to feed the pile. Burning of yard debris is expected to be finished for each day one hour before dark.
  • Separate Pit permits are required for warming fires after dark.
  • Please call for info.


Rubber products, tires, plastic, wet garbage and food waste, petroleum and petroleum treated materials (no gas or diesel to start your fire), asphalt, asbestos, animal remains or any other material that produces dense smoke or noxious odors.
Burning of these items must be reported to DEQ.

Remember it is against the law to conduct any open burning
that: Unreasonably interferes with enjoyment of life or property; creates a public or private nuisance; and is a hazard to public safety.

What you can burn in Yachats RFPD, unless you are in the City of Yachats, includes the following and ONLY THE FOLLOWING: Domestic waste, examples are: yard debris (material from trees, or shrubs that have grown on the property), unpainted dimensional lumber, paper and cardboard. Once domestic waste is removed from the property on which it was generated it is classified as commercial waste and CANNOT BE BURNED ANYWHERE IN LINCOLN COUNTY. Dumping yard debris in the forest is illegal and you can be fined!
Species that are noxious weeds are affecting our conifers.

Failure to comply with burning regulations may result in revocation of your permit. Fire suppression expense for extinguishing an illegal burn may be billed to the responsible party. Please call each day before burning.

As of July 1 all yard debris burning is closed within Yachats Rural Fire Protection District boundaries until the fall.
Permits are required year round for fire pits on your property. Check out the burning page for details.

Frankie M. Petrick, Fire Chief