Burning information

Open Burning within YRFPD Boundaries

YRFPD has the authority to issue permits for burning within the boundaries of the fire district, which run from South of Yachats, North to the City of Waldport and east 10 miles up the Yachats river. Open burning includes any burning conducted outdoors (e.g. burn barrels, outdoor fireplace, back yard incinerator, piles of yard debris stumps or untreated unpainted lumber). There are two categories of burning:

  1. Yard debris burning – This is material from trees and shrubs that have grown on the property, unpainted dimensional lumber, paper and cardboard.
  2. Fire Pit – This is a warming, s’more, hot dog use contained fire. It is NOT intended for yard debris burning.

If you live in the City of Yachats – YARD DEBRIS BURNING IS NOT ALLOWED.

Per City of Yachats code 5.12.020 fire contained in a fireplace, chimina, or other similar structure or equipment (but not a burn barrel specifically designed for outdoor ceremonial or cooking purposes AND permitted by YRFPD.

If you live elsewhere in the district – Yard debris burning is allowed starting in the fall (weather permitting} through end of May with permit.

Pit/s’more/hot dog pits are allowed with permit.       

Permits are issued at no cost and need to be renewed annually by the permit holder. An existing permit may be renewed by telephone. All new permits will require an inspection.

Open/Yard debris permits are issued based on weather starting in the fall through the end of May.

Fire Pit permits are issued June 1st through May 31st. An existing permit may be renewed by telephone. All new permits will require an inspection.

Requirements for custom or purchased fire pits:

  1. Fire ring made of metal, brick, or rock typically 3-3.5 feet in diameter.
  2. A six to twelve foot diameter area clear of vegetation.
  3. No overhanging branches or vegetation.
  4. Screen small enough to prevent fire brands typically 3/8 to 1/2 inch mesh.
  5. Ground underneath needs to have sod removed. It can be replaced with sand, gravel or pavers.

If you are staying in a vacation rental, there must be a valid permit posted in the vacation rental.

YRFPD encourages you to find alternative methods to dispose of your yard debris and paper products through recycling. 

YRFPD would also like to advise you that burn barrels are a very inefficient method of burning.  Large amounts of carbon monoxide are released in burn barrel burning.  If you feel you must use a barrel, it MUST have adequate ventilation in the bottom 1/3 of the barrel.  Further it must be emptied often, and its debris properly disposed of. If you have any questions, call YRFPD at 541-547-3266.

IF YOU MUST OPEN BURN, do so in a way that promotes efficient burning.

  • Burn only DRY materials (cover piles (pile size is 3 -4 wheelbarrow full) until ready to burn).
    • Loosely stack or windrow material to promote adequate air supply to the pile.
    • Remove noncombustible materials such as dirt or rocks from your pile.
    • Constantly attend and have a water source (hose preferred) and a rake/shovel/pitchfork to feed the pile.
    • Burning of yard debris is expected to be finished for each day one hour before dark.
  • Please call YRFPD each day before burning yard debris or using a burn barrel.

BURNING OF THESE ITEMS MUST BE REPORTED TO DEQ. Remember it is against the law to conduct any open burning that: Unreasonably interferes with enjoyment of life or property; creates a public or private nuisance; and/or is a hazard to public safety.

To recap: What you can burn within YRFPD boundaries, unless you are in the City of Yachats, includes the following and ONLY THE FOLLOWING:  Domestic waste (e.g., material from trees, or shrubs that have grown on the property), unpainted dimensional lumber, paper, and cardboard. Once domestic waste is removed from the property on which it was generated it is classified as commercial waste and CANNOT BE BURNED ANYWHERE IN LINCOLN COUNTY.

NOTICE: Dumping yard debris in the forest is illegal and you can be fined! Species that are noxious weeds are negatively affecting our conifers.

Last but most important!

Failure to comply with burning regulations may result in revocation of your permit.
Fire suppression expense for extinguishing an illegal burn may be billed to the responsible party.
YRFPD is required to report burning violations to DEQ and other authorities as appropriate.

Dated 09/17/2019 FMP

Yard Debris Burning can resume as of October 1, 2021 outside Yachats City limits.
If the wind comes up, please extinguish the burn.
Call the station at 541-547-3266 to get a permit.